About Us

We have aligned our group of companies under a new brand and assumed the name Business Class group. With a global footprint reaching more than 4 countries, including Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. We have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, extending the solutions we provide customers to create in-person, virtual and hybrid event experiences.

Local Insight. East African footprint

Our global and local network of industry experts allow us to offer something no one else can. You get the expertise of a partner that understands local nuances with the vast resources of a global leader to deliver the same level of service excellence, time after time,  no matter where your event takes you.

Whether it be a hotel, convention centre, restaurant, museum, or other event space, we have global reach to deliver a consistent experience and measurable results.

Why Choose Us

With the latest industry trends and thought leadership we consistently deliver award-winning hybrid, virtual and in-person event experiences.

We develop a unique and highly personalized approach to every event. We listen intently to ensure we deliver the magic that brings your objectives to life.

Our rich heritage is built on comprehensive creative, advanced technology, and staging services. We deliver solutions that set global standards.

No matter where you are in the world, our commitment to customer service and operational excellence is unparalleled.


With a passion for their craft and a drive for excellence, our team members use creative solutions to dream up big ideas and win over audiences. Whether it’s a hybrid, virtual, or in-person event, our collaborative strategy, design and content development process


Behind every phenomenal stage set, every dramatic keynote opening, and every immersive experience are our talented Lasta Events team members that make it all happen. Their combined experience and access to the latest event technology creates beautiful event experiences.


As the leader in event production, there’s nothing we haven’t seen, and no dream is out of reach. Our production teams are the best in the industry at turning whiteboard ideas into one-of-a-kind event experiences. So you can imagine bigger than ever before and we can help you set the stage to get there.

Meetings and Conferences

In today’s ever-connected world, technology is changing the way businesses plan and conduct meetings and conventions. Hybrid meetings and conferences will be the norm for the foreseeable future. With new ways to connect and new ways to inspire: your employees, your membership, your investors, and other important stakeholders.

Meetings & Conferences

From keynotes to exhibit floors and breakout sessions, our team members continually look for ways to make the meeting or convention that you’re planning even better than your last. Through creative strategy and innovative technology, we also help unite both in-person and virtual audiences in inventive ways.  

It’s our business to ensure your event is the best experience for both you and your participants. From brief to execution, we partner with you to achieve your objectives. 



“Our Innovation Hub is a virtual, visually driven space to nurture new ideas and help develop unique approaches to incentives… This, in turn, serves as a springboard for the blueprint for the incentive experience. This helps the corporate planner brainstorm with us on the desired outcome of a trip.”


We have found that through the years, incentive travel is a highlight to every employee as one of the key motivating tools used to reward performance. As of 2016, U.S. Businesses spent $22.5 Billion annually on incentive travel.


Conventions & Trade Shows

Lasta Events provides  support for any convention and trade show services. From impactful keynote addresses to immersive exhibit booths and general service contracting, Lasta Events is driven to reach your audience in innovative ways. Whether you need a single provider for an entire show or a flexible provider to work seamlessly with venue staff, Lasta Events is your trusted partner.

Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Lasta Events works with the full gamut of client types in the trade show and exhibitions industry. We work with show organizers, associations, corporate clients, exhibitors, meeting organizers, and booth builders across the globe. Services vary based on customer needs, but all services are expert-led with strategy and execution that will exceed your expectations.   stakeholders


We’ve produced beautifully designed weddings and celebrations for decades. Let’s transform your dreams into reality with innovative event technology, creative, production and décor. Let’s create a perfect event.

We know the venues that will produce the best memories to last a life time, be it at the beach, in a hall setting or garden style.

Let’s Turn the Wedding of your Dreams into Reality

Creating a beautiful wedding is one of the most important and heavily planned events in a couple’s lives. Every detail must be perfect — from lighting, audio, and video to décor, projections, streaming solutions, and more.

Lasta Events has been collaborating with couples and wedding planners for decades.

Why Us

We have aligned our group of companies under a new brand and assumed the name Business Class group. With a global footprint reaching more than 4 countries, including Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. 



The Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE) is an annual event held in Uganda to showcase the country’s tourism potential and attract investment in the sector. The expo typically features exhibitions from various players in the tourism industry, including tour operators, hotels, lodges, airlines, and government agencies.

POATE provides a platform for networking, promoting tourism products and destinations, and fostering partnerships within the industry. It aims to highlight Uganda’s diverse attractions, including its wildlife, national parks, cultural heritage, and adventure tourism offerings.


The World Bank, African Development Bank, and the African Union, have all contributed much to the programme. Uganda is an enthusiastic local partner for AFRICA 2023.

International delegates and accompanying persons will meet in beautiful surroundings, for three days of sessions, preceded by workshops and training seminars, and followed by tours to hydro schemes. 

Cross-border collaboration for transboundary schemes, challenging sites and climate resilience, as well as capacity building and training, are topics that always feature high on the agenda.

IC4WB - 2023

The International Conference for Women Birders (ICWB) is an event designed to celebrate and promote the participation of women in the field of birdwatching and ornithology. It provides a platform for female birders from around the world to come together, share their experiences, learn from each other, and contribute to the advancement of birding as a hobby and a science.

ICWB typically features presentations, workshops, field trips, and networking opportunities focused on various aspects of birding, including bird identification, conservation efforts, habitat preservation, and research initiatives.