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meetings. incentives, Conferences and exchibitions more commonly reffered to by the acronym MICE is a specialized economic activity that involves facilitating the gathering of large groups of people in for a particular purpose. MICE is closely connected to the tourism industry, and it is big business around the world; a multi-billion dollar that ranges from small meetings to major global conferences and exchibitions that draw tens of thousands of People.

Mission: our mission is aligned to this background. to grow business tourism in Uganda, by captitalising on the globally competitive MICE industry while preserving and conserving our environment.

Uganda has started to take MICE even more seriously this year 2018, We have had rick and colette taylor of the business tourism company upack and kick start the MICE sector in uganda drawing from their many years of experience helping countries like Rwanda to realise the potential in business tourism.

Uganda is set to became a major destination for international meetings and cooperate events. What makes our country different is the myraid of experience that it offers. Visitors are welcomed and fascinated by its unique lifestyle, culture, varied history and landscapes. Spending one week traversing uganda is likened to seeing all of Africa. It is feast of all sences.

Uganda today boasts of dynamic business environment , convention facilities of international standards, age old tradition of special experiences and cutting edge innovation, to deliver events as well as post tours. This is my motivation to invite you to choose Uganda, the pearl of Africa as your next Mice Destination. We at LASTA are your specialists partners in executing and planning your incentive programs. Make your “Hi” story , one to write home about. make it history , with your events in Uganda.