About Us

LASTA Events is a full service, Conference and Events firm. We are a Tourism based, professional event planning company that specializes in corporate events, dinner galas, fundraisers, long service awards, grand openings, conferences and Exhibitions.
We love details! 

And our commitment is to see each event through from start to finish while keeping the goals, vision, budget and client’s needs in mind at all times.

We are committed to following through on every detail so you don’t have to. From a 500 person dinner gala to a small intimate private party or meeting, Lasta Events has experienced it all.
We handle all details involved with the event process so you can focus on what’s important to you.

At Lasta Events we believe a successful event is directly related to the guest experience.

We create Events that transform

Events have power. The power to connect and inspire. That is why we do not compromise on the quality of delivery. Whether it is an expo, a meeting, conference or Incentive travel.

When people come together, ideas take root. Relationships are built. Real change happens.

With imagination and skill, the latest technology, and a passion for excellence, we create innovative event solutions.

Our global team of creators, innovators and experts transform events into immersive, collaborative experiences that deliver real results.

Our Story

What We Do

We’ve been creating memorable event experiences that connect and inspire, and engage and transform organizations for decades. With a customer-first mindset and a hospitality focus, we have an unmatched breadth and depth of event production services to support our customers through every step in the event planning and management process.

In partnership with event planners, hotels, venues, agencies and staging customers, we create and execute lots of events annually – in person, virtual and hybrid – of any size, at any venue, anywhere in Eastern Africa. Our core values are embedded in our DNA, and our team members are innovators and collaborators at heart – highly trained experts that intuitively combine creative, production and technology services to deliver unparalleled service excellence for you.

About Us

We have aligned our group of companies under a new brand and assumed the name Business Class group. With a global footprint reaching more than 4 countries, including Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. We have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, extending the solutions we provide customers to create in-person, virtual and hybrid event experiences.

Local Insight. East African footprint

Our global and local network of industry experts allow us to offer something no one else can. You get the expertise of a partner that understands local nuances with the vast resources of a global leader to deliver the same level of service excellence, time after time, — no matter where your event takes you.

Whether it be a hotel, convention centre, restaurant, museum, or other event space, we have global reach to deliver a consistent experience and measurable results.

Consistency Means

  • A unified experience for you and your participants in any venue or location.
  • A partner that has knowledge and understanding of your event goals.
  • Saving time on on-boarding new team members for every event.
  • A clear understanding of your brand and message.