Content Development

Think about some of the most memorable events you’ve been to. The content you see and hear has a tremendous effect on the total experience, creating lasting visual memories, and a positive impression of your brand or organization.

Content Development

Content is important to effectively deliver your message. With an understanding of your audience, event type, and goals, our award-winning creative content teams will develop assets that bring your message to life.

Video Production

From documentary-style style long format video to awards show nominee videos and everything in between, Lasta Events is your complete solution for event video production.

Filming, editing, we do it all.

Logo Animations

Create a dynamic event logo or turn your brand logo into an animated asset.


Think of interstitials as content that goes in between other sets of content.

Promote one of your sponsors, engage everyone in a story, serve key reminders to your audience — we have countless ways of filling in gaps of content, so you don’t lose any of the attention you’ve worked hard to capture.

Presentation Templates and Creation

Our customers tell us that it can be challenging to create a cohesive template for all their presenter presentations.

We count it as one of the services we do best.

Motion Graphics

From Esports animated graphics to larger-than-life keynote or award show graphics, Lasta’s animators and 3D artists inject equal parts creativity and strategy to frame your story in the coolest way possible.

On-Site Photography

Capturing professional photographs of your event makes them share-worthy as well as beautifully captured for posterity.

Capture your guests, the environment, and any other memorable details that share your story.